In my mind, there are various ways one might try to determine their greater purpose:

  1. Self-Assessment – Learn more about yourself through self-assessment guides or books to determine what your unique talents are and where those talents might intersect with your interests/passions.
  2. Action – Just do something.  You might use this in conjunction with finding out more about yourself.  This method, however, focuses more on being decisive.  Pick something you feel might be right for you and take action.  By doing we sometimes find out much quicker and can correct our course as needed.  I’ll admit that this is difficult for me to do being somewhat of a perfectionist.
  3. Spiritual Guidance/Meditation – The focus here is on listening.  Although it might seem to be more of a passive approach, I would argue that it can be a challenge trying to actively listen and to clear one’s mind of everyday noise.  Those who take a more spiritual route might use prayer and the Word of God to help direct them.

It’s easy to get caught up in the activities of daily life, to get into a routine that seems, at least to me, to make life pass by without any direction or meaning.  It takes effort to resist this routine and to set out to find your greater purpose.

I’ve been struggling for much of my life to try and determine what, if anything, that I was put on this earth to do.  I must admit that my search has been haphazard for the most part.  I have been far from systematic in trying to answer this question.  But maybe being systematic is not the way to discover one’s greatest purpose to begin with.  Maybe it works in a more random, free flowing fashion, similar to the way in which I met my wife.  When I met my wife, it was not something that I had set out to do that evening.  My intention was to do something on a Friday night other than sit in front of the TV alone.  As such, I wound up at a Borders bookstore for entertainment.  I’ll admit I was in the self-help section when I caught a glimpse of my future wife, but it was not a textbook meeting.  It is hard to explain, but something just drew me to her.  I couldn’t allow her to leave without at least making an effort to meet her.  It’s not something that I would normally do, and I certainly did not plan it out.  Sometimes I think that finding one’s purpose in life might work the same way.  I’ve taken my share of self-assessment tests and read many books on discovering one’s passion (although some may argue that this is different than one’s purpose), but am left pretty much in the same place where I began.  I’ve changed careers a couple of times in between and started a family and am nearing an age where many individuals start to question where life has take them so far.  I feel like I’ve had a mid-life crisis ever since I was in high school, and adults starting asking you what you plan on doing with your life.  The purpose of this blog is to try another way to kick start a solution to this uneasiness that I feel.  At the very least, it can be like a journal.  I hope it becomes a place where others that may be in the same boat or have greater insights into this can share their ideas and struggles.